Training, Contracting & Recordkeeping

County Employees

County employees whose duties include any of the following shall have training in this Program appropriate to their duties, level of responsibility, and authority:

  • Applying, or have the potential to apply, pesticides or fertilizers
  • Supervising employees applying pesticides or fertilizers
  • Making decisions about the use of pesticides or fertilizers
  • Acting as the designated Certified Applicator
  • Managing a park, recreational facility, or landscaping
  • Having input into the design of the outdoor areas of a facility
  • Contracting where the services involve, or may involve, applications of pesticides or fertilizers

Contractor Employees

Contractors are expected to adhere to the applicable requirements in the Countywide IPM Program and must ensure and certify that their employees are appropriately trained. The training must be documented, and include:

  • The potential for pesticide-related surface water toxicity
  • Proper use, handling, and disposal of pesticides
  • Least toxic methods of pest prevention and control, including IPM
  • Reduction of pesticide use

County contract monitors shall be alert for any direct violations of the Program or anything else that suggests a weakness in the contractors’ training. Training for County employees and contract vendors shall be performed annually, as appropriate, before June 30th of each year. Contact vendors can self-certify, provided they certify they have received all of the applicable training listed above, and have documentation to that effect. The Program training discussed in this Section does not constitute the pesticide safety training required by state law. For more information on pesticide safety training requirements, refer to Section 15.0 WORKER PROTECTION and OTHER REQUIREMENTS for HANDLING PESTICIDES.