In addition to any of the pesticide use reporting requirements established in State law or regulation, each County department shall prepare and annually update an inventory of all pesticides applied outdoors by County staff or contractors on property owned or managed by the County. The inventory shall include the following for each product:

  • Product trade name
  • Active ingredient
  • EPA Registration Number
  • Total amount in current storage (County departments only)
  • Total amount used

By August 15 of each year, County departments shall provide the pesticide inventory/use information to the ACWM IPM Division. As a follow through to the County’s commitment to minimize the use of pesticides that cause impairment of surface waters, ACWM and DPW shall, at least annually, schedule a review of the County’s overall pesticide use records. Trends that appear contrary to the goal of minimizing the use of certain pesticides will be examined. As part of this, County departments should anticipate follow up or clarification questions from ACWM staff.