(Training must be received prior to handling pesticides, additional pesticides, and updated yearly. The training shall be in a manner that the employee understands)

  • Product Labeling: (review of format and meaning of information, such as precautionary statements, hazards, use rates, limitations, prohibited uses, etc., contained in the product labeling)
  • Hazards of Pesticides: (review of hazards of pesticides including acute and chronic effects, delayed effects and sensitization as identified in pesticide product labeling, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Material Safety Data Sheets
    [MSDS], or Pesticide Safety Information Series [PSIS] leaflets)
  • Routes of Exposure: (routes by which pesticides can enter the body)
  • Overexposure: (signs and symptoms of overexposure)
  • First Aid: (emergency first aid for pesticide overexposure)
  • Medical Care: (how and where to obtain emergency medical care)
  • Decontamination/Spill Clean Up: (routine and emergency decontamination procedures, including spill cleanup and the need to thoroughly shower with soap and warm water after the exposure period)
  • Personal Protective Equipment: (need for, limitations, appropriate use, and sanitation of any required personal protective equipment)
  • Heat Related Illness: (prevention, recognition, and first aid for heat related illnesses)
  • Transporting, Storing and Disposal: (safety requirements and procedures, including engineering controls for handling, transporting, storing, and disposing of pesticides)
  • Environmental Concerns: (drift, runoff, and wildlife hazards)
  • Taking Pesticides Home: (warning about taking pesticides or pesticide containers home)
  • Laws and Regulations: (laws and regulations related to pesticide safety, MSDS, or PSIS leaflets)
  • Hazard Communication: (the location of the written hazard communication information including the PSIS N-8 MSDS’s for pesticides used by employees)
  • Employees’ Rights: (the right to personally receive information about pesticides to which an employee may be exposed, for the employee’s physician or employee representative to receive this information; to be protected against retaliatory action due to the exercise of any of the employee’s rights)

California Code of Regulations, Division 6, Article 2, Section 6724(b)