archival photo of Los Angeles County Agriculture spray crew from the 1930's.

A Los Angeles County Ag. Department spray crew attempts to eradicate the invasive weeds, puncturevine in the 1930’s. Eradication of certain highly invasive weeds is still something “County Ag”‘ does today!
Photo: ACWM Archive

Weeds County Ag needs to know about!

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) classifies exotic and/or invasive weeds based on their known or potential significance as a pest and their distribution in California. The highest (“A-Rated”) rating is given to weeds that have not been detected in California or are of such limited distribution, complete eradication is considered possible

Los Angeles County has five known CDFA A-Rated weeds: alligatorweed, dalmatian toadflax, halogeton, rush skeletonweed and spotted knapweed. Suspected sightings of any of these weeds should be reported in ACWM.